Published: 24/07/2017
Author: Greg Collins, Exact Ventures

In 1Q17 the total wireless packet core market, consisting of the combined mobile and evolved packet core (EPC) segments, grew 3% Q/Q to $0.8 B. The market was down 11% compared to 1Q16 as a slight increase in EPC revenues was more than offset by a large decline in mobile packet core revenue. After market growth of 7% in 2016, we forecast that market growth will slow to 4% in 2017 as EPC sales surge 16%, more than mitigating a 23% decline in the legacy mobile packet core market.

The EPC market continues to be driven by the following (non-mutually exclusive) factors:

  • Growth in mobile data traffic (bandwidth)
  • Growth in mobile data sessions
  • Transition from 2G/3G to LTE-based network traffic
  • New services that employ the LTE or associated IMS network, like VoLTE, video-over-LTE (ViLTE), and VoWiFi.

packet core 1Q17

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