Published: 04/12/2015
Author: Greg Collins, Exact Ventures

According to Exact Ventures, the SS7 STP market is expected to grow over the next few years and to remain a vital component of operator networks for the foreseeable future.

The SS7 signaling transfer point (STP) market has existed for decades and, despite much interest and investment in the next generation of signaling technology, namely Diameter, and Diameter Signaling Controllers, there remains a very significant market for STPs.  The installed base of STP equipment amounts in the billions of dollars and there are several factors that will keep the market vital in the coming five years and beyond.

Despite strong expected growth in VoLTE, 2G/3G voice traffic will remain a key component of operator networks, and revenues, for the next decade and will prompt investment accordingly.  Ever present security concerns require that STP remain current on the latest security threats.

Vendors exiting the market are causing some operators to need to replace their STP infrastructure.  The trend toward network function virtualization (NFV) has operators considering converged signaling infrastructure including SS7, Diameter, and perhaps SIP.

Market Forecast includes:

  • Revenue
  • Messaging Signaling Unit (MSU) (Tps) License Shipments
  • Average Selling Price per MSU
  • Regional MSU License Shipments
  • Vendor


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