Published: 18/10/2022
Author: Greg Collins

September 6, 2022, Burlingame, California, USA

During the quarter, the total 5G Signaling network function market (including related services revenues) grew 46% versus 2Q21. Service Communication Proxy (SCP) network functions accounted for over 70% of the total 5G signaling network function market as operators in North America and Asia Pacific (Principally China) are fortifying their signaling infrastructure to protect against signaling storms potentially downgrading service and/or crashing the network, simplify their signaling topology, secure the signaling traffic within the network, and protocol normalization, which is especially important for multi-vendor networks.

In 2Q22, the BSF network function market accounted for about one-fifth of the market and will likely be slower to develop than the SCP market because the BSF will be especially critical for session binding for native 5G voice or voice-over-NR, which is still a few years from becoming mainstream. The SEPP network function market accounted for less than ten percent of the market for the quarter. SEPP sales are expected to surge in the coming years as 5G roaming because more prevalent. We forecast that total market revenue (network function and related services) will nearly double in 2022 to reach $140 million.

The worldwide market leaders in 2Q22 were: Huawei, Oracle, Ericsson, and Nokia.

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