Published: 21/03/2016
Author: Greg Collins

Originally published on PRWeb on March 21, 2016.

RCR Wireless News spoke with more than a dozen companies, including telecom operators like AT&T and Verizon Communications; vendors like Oracle, Sonus, Local Backhaul Networks, Amdocs and Allot; and sought insight from industry analyst firms iGR and Exact Ventures to get a thorough update on the current state of NFV, SDN and cloud deployments in the telecommunications industry.

The report, entitled: “NFV, SDN and cloud: When, where and how deep?” contains insight into the current telecom operator deployment plans for NFV, SDN and cloud platforms, with a focus on which carriers are leading the space and which are following and why. The report also looks at efficiencies being gleaned from the migration of hardware to software; challenges facing the continued evolution and just how far experts think virtualization platforms can be deployed within a mobile telecom environment. This insight comes from speaking with carriers, industry analyst and vendors that are at the center of the telecom markets evolution towards virtualization platforms.

Download this report to learn:
●    Financial investment predictions for the NFV, SDN and cloud space
●    Progress of telecom operators deploying NFV, SDN and cloud technologies
●    Which carriers are leading and which carriers are following
●    Benefits and challenges expected for telecom leaders and followers
●    What parts of the telecom network are witnessing virtualization moves
●    Impact standards and interoperability are having on deployment plans
●    Depth of expected deployment in telecom networks

Watch the complimentary editorial webinar featuring:
●    Dan Meyer, Editor-in-Chief, RCR Wireless News
●    Iain Gillott, President and Founder, iGR
●    Mykola Konrad, VP Product Management and Marketing, Sonus
●    Kevin Summers, Raymond Chiu, CTO, Local Backhaul Networks

“The evolution towards NFV, SDN and cloud may take a bit longer than some expect, but there is little doubt it will happen,” Meyer explained. “There is just too much efficiency to be gained from the move, and operators and their vendor partners are working hard to roll out that evolution.”

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