Published: 01/11/2017
Author: Greg Collins

Originally published in Heads in the Clouds on November 1, 2017 

In this podcast with Heads in the Clouds they discuss the latest advancement in wireless technology, 5G, with Greg Collins, Founder & Principal Analyst at Exact Ventures. Exact Ventures is an independent market intelligence firm who focuses on developments in technologies such as telecom, wireless, and networking. In the discussion, they touch on the advantages of 5G, how it will roll out, and what that means for current networks and the future of wireless technologies. But the real question is: will 5G finally improve airplane wi-fi? Greg has all these answers and more. Plus, discuss Session Border Control (SBC) is discussed and how it relates to their new platform, Hybrid Connect. Episode 9 of Heads In The Cloud has much to offer!

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