Published: 22/08/2023
Author: Greg Collins

August 20, 2023, Burlingame, California, USA

In 2Q23, the total Session Border Controller market (Service Provider and Enterprise, combined) rose 18% sequentially and 19% versus 2Q22. The sequential increase was due to both the Service Provider (SP-SBC) and Enterprise (E-SBC) segments while the year-over-year rise was due mainly to the SP-Wireless/VoLTE market. Session Border Controllers are key elements to IMS networks from both an access perspective where they act as proxy call session control function (P-CSCF) and an interconnect or peering perspective where SBC take on the role of Interconnect Border Control Function (IBCF) and Transition Gateway (TrGW) standards.

For the full-year 2022, the total market grew 5% as 9% growth in the SP-SBC segment was able to compensate for a 2% decline in the E-SBC market. For 2023, we continue to forecast that the market will grow 10% to reach $1.3 billion as the SP-SBC segment continues to grow, driven by VoLTE. Operators continue to invest in IMS and VoLTE to modernize their voice networks and to prepare for 5G services by planning thus continuing to transition away from 2G/3G voice and to VoLTE and eventually VoNR.

In 2Q23, the market leaders in the SP-SBC market in order are: Nokia, Huawei, Oracle, Ericsson and Ribbon Communications. During the quarter, the market leaders in the E-SBC market are: AudioCodes, Oracle, Ribbon Communications, and Cisco.

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